Divorce and separation coaching

As your separation and divorce coach I can help you to work through the emotional rollercoaster of separation, to come to terms with what has happened, to face your worst fears and to make positive plans for your life ahead.

Testimonial from divorce coaching client:-

I was introduced to Maura via my solicitor as I was struggling coming to terms with the effects of an acrimonious divorce. When I met Maura, her demeanour was extremely warm and she took time to explore the issues that were causing me distress. Maura was non-judgmental but was extremely understanding of the problems that were affecting my self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately my ability to move forwards.

Over the coming weeks, Maura gave me a set of exercises that allowed me to explore and focus on the qualities within myself and to look for opportunities I could consider for the future. With Maura’s guidance and support, I realised that I was not defined by the person I had become in a very unhappy and dysfunctional marriage. I realised I had strengths and gratitudes that had been neglected and overlooked over a number of years. By taking time to really focus on me and debrief my thoughts & ideas, I realised that my future could be brighter and there was most definitely light at the end of my previously very dark tunnel.

Very wisely, Maura warned me that I may have set backs and that it was realistic to expect them. This has indeed been the case, but the overwhelming difference now that I have had coaching, is that I know they are transient, and I also know I have the tools to self-manage and deal with them. Thanks to my divorce coaching sessions with Maura, my overall quest for a happier future remains.

The person I was when I left Maura’s office after our last session was certainly very different from the crumbled one who first walked in. I had a spring in my step and an optimism that I never thought I would ever experience again. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to work with Maura and would whole heartedly recommend divorce coaching with her.