Child inclusive mediation

Sometimes parents ask me if I can meet with their children as part of their mediation process. If you think that you might want your child/children to have a voice in your mediation process then I would first undertake some detailed preparation work with you both. The age and maturity of your child/children will be an important factor in whether it is appropriate for them to meet with me. Meeting children as part of a mediation process should not happen if it is likely to increase stress for them or if there is a risk that they might feel that they have the responsibility to decide outcomes.

Meeting with children can help them to understand the changes that are happening in their family and also to reassure them that they are being listened to and understood by both of their parents. It can help to ease communication and encourage children to talk about their feelings. Anything children say to me will remain confidential unless they tell me that they would like me to pass on all or some of what they have said.