When problem-solving with separated parents in mediation I am often talking with them about how to manage the challenge of ensuring that life can run smoothly for children who live between two homes. I will generally recommend to parents that they consider Apps that provide an online communication hub that can become their go-to place for parental communication. There are now a number of these Apps and they can really help parents to ease/avoid scratchy and difficult communication (some examples are: 2houses, Amicable, Coparently, Our Family Wizard, Cozi). I recommend that parents make use of the free trials that most of them offer and play around with the features to see what might work best for them. It is worth investing the time and effort involved in this. The Apps generally offer shared calendar management, simple shared expenses management, dedicated messaging platform, document storage and photo sharing. The ongoing monthly cost is not high and if this tool can work then it will make a tangible and positive difference to many separated parents and their children.