The School of Life have just published a new book and App resource (How to Survive Divorce) which may be of interest if you are a person facing relationship breakdown or a professional who is helping couples to achieve a good separation with care and understanding. I recommend it to you and below you will find the description of what it offers:

‘Everyone wants to talk about weddings; few can bear to discuss divorce and what happens when love breaks down.

Yet to those who know them from up close, divorces are simultaneously the most appalling and, at moments, the most rejuvenating, thought-provoking and plain mesmerising events they will ever go through. No story of divorce, properly told, can ever be unengaging or banal. These are the moments when we catch the human animal in all its complexity, turmoil, folly and beauty.

On Divorce is a collection of photographs captured and recorded over two years by British portrait photographer, Harry Borden. We encounter the faces and stories of real people who are being truly honest and vulnerable about their experiences of divorce. When we flick through these photographs, we are reminded that we are not alone when we suffer in love.

On Divorce is now available to read from your phone when you sign up for our app and unlimited articles subscription’