Today I am busy preparing for a Café training session at the forthcoming Resolution Dispute Resolution Conference in Nottingham on 12th/13th November. I am pondering just why it is so vital to children that their parents manage their separation process as carefully as they possibly can. This quote from Anneliese aged 9 sums it up for me:

‘They didn’t really say they were splitting up. I could just see it coming, because they were always fighting. Then one day, when I got home from school, my dad and all of his stuff, was gone. I felt like they left me all by myself. I felt like my life wouldn’t be the same again, and it hasn’t been, it’s just been confusing and upsetting and I just don’s know what to think most times. It felt devastating and I ended up sleeping in my mum’s bed for a few months’

As family law professionals we can make a really big difference to children if we help and support their parents to achieve a good separation with their children always front and centre.