Maura McKibbin is well regarded for her work as a mediator in family law cases, with one interviewee highlighting her "ability to manage a tough negotiation." She assists with resolving both financial and custody disputes following divorce and separation. - Chambers ranking 2021

From an attendee of a Parenting Apart Information meeting 'A good basis to enable both parents to pull in the same direction and have a joint understanding of a process to reduce conflict and create stability . Useful takeaways and questions to work through to come up with an agreed plan and way forward.' (October 2020)

'It was so good to have your steer through this process Maura, and I really appreciate how much clarity you brought to the situation. So, thank you' (September 2020)

‘Thanks Maura - we're all doing OK and I'm conscious that one important reason for that is that you helped us get off on the right foot’ (September 2020)

‘I just want to thank you so much for helping me out in the short time that I had with you. Even though it was painful I knew that I would get through this with your help’. (July 2020)

Feedback from an attendee at one of our Parenting Apart Information Meetings - "I found it a very helpful starting point for the discussions we have to come and I really think it’s such a good idea for both parents to join such a session" (June 2020)

Thank you for all your support to get us to this stage. I must admit I approached this process with a high level of trepidation and low expectations however came away with much more than I expected and learnings as to how I could improve this situation in the future. Thank you for this, if we ever get stuck again - I would definitely consider this process again with you. (June 2020)

It's not only our clients that we aim to please - this is from a referring solicitor "I must say I am very impressed at how interactive you are. It really is helpful as sometimes it feels like you’re completely out of the loop and your approach is very friendly and cohesive/holistic which I like. I shall definitely refer again."

Maura McKibbin is "extremely well thought of for collaborative work" according to sources, who also praise her skill as a mediator. She assists with resolving both financial and custody disputes following divorce and separation. - Chambers ranking 2020

Thank you for your help and support throughout our collaborative separation process.

I felt very happy with the service I received from you and what I appreciated most is the way you looked at, and explained, both sides of the situation so I could make well informed decisions.

Your swift, caring, patient and professional approach meant this process ran as smoothly & amicably as possible and the final outcome was fair & reasonable for both sides.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you as the right person to act, in such difficult & challenging times

'Many thanks for all your support during the process, and making what could be a very difficult process an amicable and considered one.'

‘I greatly value your knowledge, experience and
professionalism, as well as your warmth and your commitment to families
working together.’